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        Photo news  
        Speech of president
        The establishment and development of Jinzhou New China Dragon Moly Co.Ltd has depend on
        kind effort from all friends of the society. Thank you for the support and attention from the whole society……
        Company profile
          As one of the backbone enterprises in domestic molybdenum
        industry and the national first-class inspection-exempt
        export enterprise,Jinzhou New
        China DragonMoly Co. ,Ltd.
        has become a professional
        Service Promise
        1.Delivering the product
         accordance with customer's
         requirements strictly or
         contractual provision.
        2.Quality management implem
         ents the standard of...
        Subordinate Company
        Product categories
         Moly Metallurgical Products
         Molybdenum Chemical Products
         Molybdenum Metal Products
         Affiliate products
         W-series products
        Contact us
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        Address: JinZhouShi economic and technology development zone in liaoning province day mountain road 1 section 50, 
        E-Mail:ncdmoly@163.com zip:121007 Liao ICP prepare 07002437 number